Why Choose GBMP

Our Team:

Our directors Clay Bailey and Craig Besley have over 30 years’ experience in the painting industry between them and are available to answer your questions.

Clay:  027 293 0337

Craig:  027 474 6957

GBMP is a well-known and reputable company with a wide range of experienced staff available to meet your individual needs. To view some of our previous projects view our gallery or  visit our Facebook page by clicking the link below

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Our Workmanship Guarantee:

GBMP is a member of the Master Painters, which offers a written five-year workmanship guarantee when you hire a registered ‘Master Painter’ and choose to use one of the approved product lines. We choose to extend this and offer a seven-year workmanship guarantee. More information on the Master Painters guarantee is available at We also work closely with a wide range of experts in our industry to achieve the best possible result every time.


Product range:

Product choice is always the clients, however our first choice in paint is Resene, our team are all experienced in the correct procedures for application which means you are covered by the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee. You can view the information related to life expectancy of Resene coatings on their website, or we are happy to provide this information on request. A written specification can be drawn up on request.


Our Environmental Conscience:

GBMP are proud to be ‘Eco Decorators’ more informtion on this programme is avalible here, we strive to find ways to reduce the impact of our profession on the environment, with this in mind washing out any contaminated equipment is completed in an approved settlement tank which is located at our work shop, no equipment will be washed out on your site unless absolutely necessary. We also choose to use Low VOC (volatile Organic compound) paints whenever practical. Our team is also excited that Resene has recently released a VOC Free paint range, we are happy to provide information on these options on request.


The Future of the Painting Industry:

GBMP is committed to providing an experience and capable work force today and into the future, our employees are often upskilling on courses relating to health and safety and industry best practice. We often have apprentices learning their trades under our experienced senior staff. We are always on the look out for new and innovative ideas in our industry.


Our Commitment to Health and Safety:

We are all aware of the risks any job can involve, GBMP has a comprehensive health and safety policy and our staff are all provided with the equipment and knowledge required to complete any task they are set safely.